Our services start with an initial in-home or virtual assessment. This is $120 and includes a thorough evaluation of your pain/injury. We start with history of pain/injury ( e.g. description of pain, duration, location, what makes your pain worse and what makes your pain better), medical history, family history, sleep. Then we do objective evaluation where we look to see how you are moving in your pain area as well as your whole body, check your mobility, strength, flexibility, balance and how you do functional activities. From there we can discuss options for future treatment based on what is causing your pain. We can devise a treatment plan for you to execute on your own, or have weekly check-ins.
Typically clients need anywhere from 5-10 weekly/bi-weekly followup visits (or virtual visits).

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations less than 24 hours by email or phone will be charged 75 dollars. No shows will be charged full amount.


“I’ve been seeing Tierney for a few months now throughout my 4th season with the Laurentian University Cross-Country and Track team. With the heavy demand that running has on our bodies, it was rare to be able to finish a season without taking a bit of time off from my training to heal from some type of ache or injury. This was the first year that I was injury free, and I owe this largely to Tierney. She always took the time to understand what I needed, and always accommodated her approaches to my training and to what I needed. Not only did she incorporate rehabilitation for my current injuries, but also helped prevent any injuries that were to come. She was able to really access tendencies that I had and to was able to fix them before they turned into problems. The small tweaks that she would make made a huge difference in my running, helping me reach new limits I didn’t know I had in my sport.  Other than the aspect of physiotherapy, Tierney is so kind and genuinely cares for her clients. I’m so grateful to have had her as my physiotherapist throughout the year and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get and stay healthy.” – NM